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Finally! A second to sit down and update! phew - its been a super busy few weeks!
Thanks to Matthew's parent letting us use a week of their time share - in mid-November Matthew and I got to take an early One Year Anniversary/ Honeymoon trip to gorgeous Cancun! We stayed at the Westin Lagunamar Resort. It was the perfect location and had beautiful pools and beaches. This was the view from our studio.

Matthew had been to Cancun when he was younger and already knew some things he wanted us to be able to do. He made sure that we had amazing adventures! We were there for a week and every other day he planned all day tours for us!

Day one: Selvatica Expedition!
Zip Lining through the jungle!

A van picked us up first thing in the morning and drove us for nearly two hours into the jungle. When we arrived workers strapped us in to repelling gear and we headed out! We climbs up into little platforms right at the top of a big tree and they hooked us up to a wire strung to another tree a good 40 yards away and push! I was flying through the trees! There were 12 of these zip lines - way better compared to the 4 that other tours offered us. (If you're heading to Cancun I HIGHLY recommend Selvatica) It was SO fun! Matthew was brave enough to go upside down - but we didn't get a picture of it! :(

Next they brought us back down to the jungle floor to race dune buggies! We wore goggles and masks to keep the dirt and rocks out of our faces but it couldn't hide what an awesome time we were having! Matthew was such a peach - I was too short to reach the pedals when it was my turn to drive so he propped me up with his arm the whole time! Aw.. Thanks babe!

Next was swimming at a near by cenote - BEAUTIFUL! After a short walk into the trees the branches parted to unveil what I thought was paradise! Pictures can't do this place justice.

Again Matthew proved how adventurous he was by doing tricks off the zip line into the water! We have a video of it.. I'll try to post it later!

What a beautiful day!

Day three: Scuba Diving! :)

Here's Matthew getting all geared up!

and he's gone!

I have to admit that I yelped and ran to the side of the boat when he first went in. I was so scared I wasn't going to get him back! (I love him ya know!)

Matthew was such a great scuba partner! I'm always getting lost when we go shopping because I stop to look at things and this was no different. :) Several times he swam back to get me because I was busy sitting on the ocean floor looking at fish or coral. :)

We had an amazing guide - I totally recommend booking with him if you are going (we can give you his name) . He took us out on two dives that were almost an hour each in two different locations. Each dive was between 30 and 35 feet down - not a bad for beginners! It was mind boggling beautiful!

This is probably my favorite picture out of the whole trip. It shows my true goober side.
(I'm a scuba hottie - I know)

I didn't know diving gear was so heavy! To get into the water you have to sit on the side and fall in backwards! I could barely lift myself up onto the side of the boat to get in the water. It was scary the first time - purposely falling out of a perfectly good boat strapped to 50 pounds of gear. It was so heavy that instead of landing on my back in the water - when I opened my eyes I was upside down!
I wish we had had an underwater camera. The reefs were so beautiful and spilling over with marine life. We made two fish friends while we were there. They seemed as curious about us as we were about them.

Day five: Chitzen-Itza!

The ruins were so much more beautiful than I ever expected!

Next it was swimming again! This time in a cenote twice the size and even more stunning than the size the first!

This is the view from ground level looking down into the hole. Its waay down there. There were fish swimming in the water with us - Mexico has the largest natural underground river system in the world. We look so tiny down there!

This is a shot from the platform. Those are tree roots coming down from the surface.

Here are a few more pics for your viewing pleasure:

Matthew and the rusty Pepsi

The dancers with the beer on their heads

Look how tall I am!

Dinner and dessert at the Chocolate Factory


My hottie honey

My hottie hat

Our last night having dinner at the Oceano

and the most gorgeous sunset


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