Blah! Sick sick sick!

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Yuck. Sickness has hit. Poor hubby has a sinus infection, an ear infection and the flu. I'm having allergic reactions in both eyes to either my contacts or makeup.Can you say marshmallow eyes? Fish head? either one will do.  We're beautiful people this week let me tell ya! :) But in the mean time we have so much to be happy about! Here are some things I promise to get around to writing about!

  • Thanksgiving (I know it was a long time ago but it was just so great!)
  • Our new wonderful house!
  • Moving
  • Matthews brother getting to go to the temple in preparation for his mission
  • Dad coming for the weekend 
  • A GREAT Christmas with both Matthew's family and mine AND
  • Our One Year Anniversary! :)
 This holiday season has been SO SO wonderful for us. We are so grateful for the many blessing we have had especially those that have come in the form of family and friends. I hope this year has been wonderful for you to. I apologize that I didnt send out Christmas cards this year, but know we love you and hope that you have been able to take some time to relax, be with your families and enjoy the holiday spirit!

lots of love!

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