tinsy-weensy pity party

posted by Tiffany


Well! Shame on me for feeling so sorry for myself that I’m wasting you precious time by blogging about it! Dang it all though sometimes its good to pout!

So if you would Just imagine us sitting indian style on your bed with a bowl of ice cream and whiny faces I will tell you about it then we can both move on with our lives. I have had an eye infection (of some sorts) in both eyes for three weeks now and there's not sign of them getting better.

I’ve been to two different doctors who have both told me that “it aint no thang” and that its nothing contagious (something about over active glads?) and that the condition will clear up within a few days with a simple prescription. Well… lucky me and my strangely aging body, I’ve had severe allergic reactions to every med they’ve offered me. ARG!  Each medicine has made my eyes swell up HUGE – I mean mucho grando! Remember that crazy eyed gerbil from the movie Bedtime Stories? Yes. Huge swollen marshmallows on my face. Ugh. They have gotten so irritated that I had to stop wearing eye makeup and that BITES.

Secretly I've always thought that life would be so much easier if we didn't have to deal with putting on makeup every morning, checking on it in every passing reflection, and touching it up a few times a day, just to take it all off at night. And for the first day or so it was nice to just put on foundation and bum around the house (a weekend) But now after two weeks of having to live normal life with out it my little shoulder diva (aka pride) is taking a hit! It’s been so frustrating to walk into the restroom at work and not recognize myself or be super embarrassed when I run into people.  (Its kind of strange how attached we are to wearing makeup.) Now maybe you think I'm being wussy - so it stings a little to wear it - big deal. No, it doesn't sting a little - it burns like death! Sunday Matthew and I were speaking in our new ward so I broke down and masked up. That night and the full next day I TOTALLY regretted it. PAIN! Lets just say I cried - mucho. Grr.

Oh well. We all get sick once and a while right? Right. and we just buck up and deal, right? RIGHT! And so we will! (er, I will!)  Thanks ladies for letting me whine a lil’ bit. : )


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