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I LOVE our primary class. They are so adorable. This week our lesson was on the temple.We talked about how we all want to prepare to go to the temple and I pulled out Matthew's Ipad and showed them this clip.

I showed it to them with the intention of having the music to sing along to in class. But they were AMAZED at how many children ALSO loved the temple! How cute! To them, it looked like there were "millions" of children singing about the temple. This was a wonderful twist on our lesson. I decided to roll with it. We talked about how there WERE many many many people and children all over the world who loved the temple and who were also trying to be good and keep the commandments so that they could go to the temple too. They were so impressed by this.

Then we made color flip books so that they could teach their families about the temples when they went home. Then I showed them this clip.

Honestly, I showed them this clip just to take up a little more time. :) I worried that they might think it was boring. But they were captivated. I was so surprised. When they started showing pictures of the temples the kids got so excited. I thought that was great - but when they started showing pictures of the INSIDE their eyes got as big as saucers! "WOOOOOOW!" "I wannnna go thereeee..." "Beauuuutiful!" "Is that OUR temple?"

My very favorites were:

"No wonder I feel good when I see the temple, because its beautiful INSIDE to!" and  "I'm going to be so good so I can go there and get married!"

I loved hearing this so much. I could have cried to see them so excited. I love the temple so much and I felt so happy to be able to share this with our primary kids. I'm so grateful for the temple, the church and this teaching opportunity.


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