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When I’m avoiding writing about one thing – I don’t write about anything at all. But that just isn’t going to do because I’m going to look back and have no idea what we were doing with our lives. If you see us on a regular basis, this is going to be old news, but I just keep putting off seeing it in writing. 

So that I stop putting it off, I’ll just get it all out. We’ll see how it looks.

We’re opening a State Farm Insurance Agency, so we’re moving to Stansbury Park! 

Stansbury Park is by Tooele. Yes. Tooele. 

And we’re kind of opening an office. Really, we’re taking over a State Farm office. There is a gentleman in Tooele who is retiring, and his giant office is being divided between us and another agent. We will be opening a new office physically, in Stansbury Park with half of his clientele. 

Yay! I’m excited, apprehensive, scared spitless and can’t wait!

It’s such a long story, which is the real reason why I’ve been avoiding writing about it. In March Matthew’s work Fortune Learning Systems closed their doors. We were really lucky to have a rainy day fund as well as my income from UVU, so there wasn’t a big rush for him to find work. My biggest concern was him finding something that he LOVED. Husband is 100% dedicated to his work, regardless of what it is and if he was going to dedicate that much of himself to something I wanted to know that it was something that he looked forward to every day. Plus, we were leaving for Europe in 6 weeks and felt like it would be hard to start a new job and then leave for the better part of a month.

So we waited. We Europed. We had an amazing time.

When we got home, Matthew got right to work doing research on where he want to work. We both had some ideas that we hoped to find in a job for him. Like everyone, we wanted job stability and long term financial freedom. We were looking for entrepreneurship and employee satisfaction to boot. Something Matthew brought up was finding a family friendly company. While working for Fortune was wonderful, and a blessing – it meant that he was working well over 45 hours a week and that meant little family time. When it’s just the two of us, that’s not a huge deal. But when we are greater than two, we have to be able to spend time together with our family. We also were travel happy from our trip and wanted to find something that would allow us to do more of it in the future.

That's a pretty hefty list and I wasn’t sure that it was possible to find all of that in one place. But we could dream. 

Leave it to Husband. While I was dreaming of it, he went out and found it. 

I came home one day and he announced that he was going to work for State Farm and proceeded to demonstrate how it satisfied every. single. thing. we were looking for. Goodness I love him.

It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. Then interview process was grueling. Once he was accepted as an agent, we would be put on a list of “approved agents” and would wait our turn for an office opening. We thought it would be at least 9 months to a year before we were considered for anything. But, in true Matthew Yack fashion, the day after his interview corporate called him up and asked in if he wanted to take over/open an office in Stansbury Park. :) He still had to interview for it, but it all fell into place and we accepted. Our office will open March 1st

This has thrown our entire lives into a frenzy, but if you know us well, you probably realize that its usually like that anyways. :)

So now Matthew is passing off his financial certifications, and spending a lot of time in Arizona for training. I’ve finishing up at UVU and trying to wrap my head around the responsibilities that I’ll have with our office and slowly but surely pack up our house. Life is good. Busy. Crraaaazy busy. But oh so good.


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