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Matthew is gone on a two week stint in Arizona for training - and I'm going crazy. I HATE being home alone. Sweety foresaw this and booked me a ticket to fly down and spend the weekend with him!

Getting there was a little rough, after a full day of work and class I arrived for my 9:50 flight. Delta postponed it to 11:15 and then around midnight announced that because of problems that they were canceling the flight altogether. They booked us on a 6:30 flight for the next morning that then carted all 150 of us, luggage-less off to hotels for the night. 

While it broke my heart that my already short weekend with handsome was just made shorter, I have to assume that there really was something unsafe about the condition of the plane, if they were willing to get each person a room and food, rather  than just letting us fly as scheduled. Even so, the next morning people looked ragged - my makeup-less, second day clothes-clad self included. My heart poured out to the children on our flight. This little girl was honestly the saddest/cute thing I saw the whole weekend. She had some serious bed head. She probably got to sleep around 1:30 just to get back up at 4 to go to the airport!

Poor thing!

Things continued in their rough fashion, as it does some days, my luggage had taken a serious beating, and the bottom was broken out. Lucky, all of my things were still inside and in good shape. Then I was missed by the shuttle - twice! lol.... oh... good times. So, a little worse for wear, i arrived at our hotel 12 hours later than expected. By the time I made it to the hotel husband was long gone for the day to his traings. My 2 1/2 day weekend had turned to 1 1/2 - but that was SO much better than being at home alone.

When I finally got to see him that afternoon I nearly cried i was so happy! These training are a regular thing now, and I've turned into a little bit of a baby.

That night we went to dinner at Rokerij with some of Matthew's good friends who have a State Farm office in Phoenix. The rest of the weekend was amazingly uneventful! Matthew took me to see the State Farm Training Center, we picked up groceries for him for this next week, got ice cream, did laundry,

had some GREAT sushi

walked around the temple and visitor center
and tried to get at one normal picture of ourselves.


It was so nice to spend some time with Matthew and to see his second home for the next few months. Now I'm going to buck up and try not to whine about being all alone this next week!


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