An Evening Out

posted by Tiffany


 Thanks to Matthew's work tonight we attended A Night with the Stars -  a fundraiser for the American Lung Association held at La Caille.

It was a dream to be there. I felt like I had literally stepped into a fairy tale. Everything at La Caille is vibrant and colorful as if we had walked right into a painting. From the bright blue peacocks to the colors of the food we were served, everything had a life of its own. It felt so good to just relax - especially while supporting a great cause!

A silent auction was help before dinner and although we place several bids, we came home empty handed. Some of the items up for auction were just amazing. One in particularly unique item was an oxygen tank that had been used to climb to the top of Mt. Everest and back by Apa Sherpa. He was one of the many  -"local" celebrities that joined us for the fundraiser.

One of the best things about tonight was meeting a hand full of the great people Matthew works with. Including us there five couples from the company and I was surprised to see that we were all about the same age.  For the most part I was the only new comer to the group, so there was lots to talk about and I really enjoyed getting a chance to watch and listen to each personality and the dynamics of each couple before jumping into the fun. (I know it makes me a nerd but I love to study people) They were such a fun group and I loved getting to know them a little better. One of them was nice enough to snap a few pictures for us on the way out.

I had such a great time! and while I wouldn't ever want to trade all of our Arctic Circle/Spanish Fork Theater date nights with fancy dresses and expensive dinners its was a beautiful evening out!


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