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Do you do something special to let your love know you love and appreciate them?

I've been trying to think of little nice things to do for Hottie Honey to let him know I love him. Unfortunately  - he doesn't "do" cards or candy. I can't tell you how many  forgotten unopended cards I have found fallen under the bed or still stuck in the hiding spots that I giddily placed them in- hoping he would find them and feel loved. Maybe he thinks cards are girly? I'm not really sure.. But whatever the reason I have learn not to write in cards when I do buy them and under no circumstances will I ever put something inside one again! (Somewhere floating around our house is a $25 gift card to Cold Stone in an unopened Valentine's Day card... sigh... we may never find it.)   :)

So I've been looking online for other suggestions and I found these! HERE

How cute! and what a great idea - Matthew does LOVE sugar cookies and since my message is right on top - he'll have to read it! ;)

I'm not however made of money and can't bring myself to spend $60 + S/H on 16 little cookies, so I figure I had better make them on my own.

It shouldn't be too hard...right?

I'll let you know.

Do you have any suggestions for quick "hey lover I lover you!" ideas?


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