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Venice was one of my favorite places. It was BEAUTIFUL! While everywhere we went was an experience, a lot of the other cities consisted of somewhat "normal" activities, like figuring out the subway, riding the subway, walking to where we were trying to go etc. (Okay, so that's not Spanish Fork "normal" but big city normal)  One of the things I loved about Venice was that I felt like I was having a new experience every single second. Not a moment was wasted in the normal or mundane, every second your senses were taking in something new and 100% different from our normal way of life. I LOVED it. 

Gondolas are just for tourists, but still really cool. Everyone else rides the water bus or taxes taxi boats. At the bottom is a little clip of riding one of the water buses.

The details on some of these buildings was amazing. The architecture was beautiful!

 Rialto Bridge

 St. Mark's Square

Below is the street our Guest House, Alla Vite Dorata was on. I wish you could all see it in person. I was in love. Dont let the chiped paint fool you. This street was straight out of the movies. Just a few yards from our Inn door was a fruit stand every morning, where we bought big fat Italian grapes and other good things.
I wish this video showed more clearly on blogger, but you'll kinda get the idea.

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