Metlika, Slovenia

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Slovenia was a true highlight of our trip – and one of the main reasons we decided to go. Generations ago Matthew Great-great grandfather left his family in Austria and came to the United States. His last name was changed from Jakljevic to Yack and eventually his family ended up in Roosevelt Utah raising honey bees. Not much was known about the family that he left behind until the early 80’s when a couple, descendants of another Jakljevic brother (whose name was changed to Yok when he came to America) made a trip to present day Slovenia to find out what happed to the rest of their family. They were found living on a family farm, raising sheep and running a winery. In the last several months this has brought together a whole new side of Matthew’s family. We had a “reunion” of sorts in March, where everyone from the different Yok and Yacks and others got together and shared genealogy, storied of their line of the once Jakljevic family.This really solidified out desire to see Europe. And so away we went!

When we arrived in Ljubljana from Venice we rented a car to drive the hour and a half to Jakljevic farm in Metlika. This was one big massive hairy adventure. Lets just say that 4 ½ hours later we were relieved to make it to the farm. :)

It was late and dark by the time we made it and we were well past exhaustion, so we went straight to bed. We woke up the next morning to the most beautiful scenery I think I’ve ever seen. The Jakljevic farm and country side was like a dream. Trust me when I tell you that these pictures do it no justice.  The older generation on the farm (equivalent to our grandparents) Joze and Franscesca speak no English and have lived on the farm their entire lives. They have lived morning to night their entire lives, raising sheep, caring for the farm and making wine.

The next generation is equivalent to our parents’ generation. Anton and Tanja. They run the farm now. They speak very little English, but understand a little more. They hearts are no doubt the size of Slovenia. They work the farm from sunrise to sunset, and beyond.  They not only work the farm, but they also cater group parties and weddings at their banquet room overlooking the farm.   They work extremely hard. Tanja could speak to us enough to explain that no one there spoke English, but that at some point their niece (also named Tanja) would come to the farm to translate for us. Until then we could do anything we would like, and they would continue to work.

So, in short we wandered the farm. My portion of heaven is going to look a LOT like this.

I was walking the farm our last full day there when Tanja came up and said “come!” So I followed! This is where we ended up. Picking wild strawberries! (Don’t ask me whats going on with my hair.) This is one of my favorite moments of our trip

 Later we left the farm and drove the country side, but that's just going to have to wait. More tomorrow!


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