Top 10 of '10 - What are those?

posted by Tiffany


If you know Sarah, you know she LOVES animals. The world could be ending around her and she wouldn't notice if she were petting a new animal.

We were all in my parents living room one day, when my mom ushered Sarah past me into the dining room. I was wearing a shirt with a large design on the front. I hadn't noticed before but part of the design included two half-lion half-mermaid gargoyles positioned right over ladies.

As Sarah was being rushed past me her eyes caught hold of the gargoyles and her face lit up with excitement. "OOoo...What are those??" She asked pointing to them. "Boobs!" I said without thinking it through.

Instantly my mom was doubled up on the floor laughing hysterically. My little sister is the most innocent thing alive and was embarrassed that I had said the B word on top of being confused and concerned that mom was rolling on the floor laughing and struggling to breath.

In between gasping for breath my mom would repeat the scene. "What are those...hahahaha...boobs! hahahaha!" and then she couldn't breath again. I don't think any of us had EVER heard my mom say the names of body parts out loud, laugh at an off colored joke or tolerate anything even close to being unappropriated for children under 4.

Mom finally went into the other room to compose herself, but for the next day the whole family would just bust out laughing and it would send mom off to the back room to get out her giggles.

I haven't heard her laugh that hard in years. Not only is this one of my favorites because it was sooo funny, but it also felt good to see my mom so happy.


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