Top 10 of '10 - My arm of steel

posted by Tiffany


Over our kitchen island we have three hanging lights. Well, we had three hanging lights. Now there are two. I was upstairs matching socks one night when I heard Matthew come home from work. He had been at work late and I was super excited to see him. Being the awesome child in a semi-adult body that I am when I heard him walk into the kitchen I grabbed a pair of rolled socks and snuck very ninja like down the stairs, I peeked around the corner so I could aim then jumped down the last two steps into the kitchen! "BAM!" I shouted and mid air threw the socks right for Matthew's head!

Unfortunately there was a hanging light in the way.

The WHOLE light came crashing down onto the island breaking a fruit bowl that it landed on. AAAH! It was just a sock!! I yelled!

I don't think we've ever laughed so hard. :)

So, now there are two.


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