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Dear married friends or friends who will soon be married, or friends who are thinking about getting married, or friends who are old enough to think about things you do when you're married;

Read this blog —> Gwen in Love
(Links at the bottom so that you have to read the rest...)

This blog focus on improving marriages and sex. (Gasp! sex!? Tiffany - did you just say sex on your blog!) Yes, sex. But dont worry its not your mother's birds and bees talk, nor is it weird chat room grossness. Gwen is a young married (and mormon) hottie (like many of you!). She is hip and honest - and tasteful and truthful.

A lot of  people get embarrassed and awkward talking about sex. But lets face it... we're all doin it - otherwise where did all these babies come from?? As women, sometimes we want it.. sometimes we don't, but no matter what, sex effects our marriage, our confidence, our fulfillment and it all stems out from there. So, why are we not talking about it? :: shrugs shoulders :: 

Anyway, I felt like this was an important blog to share. I feel like a lot of newly married (and not newly married) women feel too shy, awkward or embarrassed to ask questions or seek out advice or sexy suggestions. Well. Whether or not thats you - I think its well worth it to check out Gwen in Love Here and then Here.

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