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Are you a Swaggernaut yet? If not I highly recommend you become one! You haven't heard of Swagbucks? Neither have a lot of people apparently because I've gotten a lot of questions about it! 

Swagbucks is a search engine (powered by google and ask.com) that gives you points for doing your everyday searches. You exchange those points for prizes or gift cards in their store. Easy cheesy! 

I always exchange mine for electronic $5.00 gift cards to Amazon.com. I've been using swagbucks since the end of August and have earned $30.00 in Amazon gift cards, most of which I used to by one of my sisters Christmas gifts. Thats a free $30.00 to do what I'm already doing anyway! :)

I earn between 10 and 30 points a day depending on how much I search. Just 450 points gets you an Amazon gift card (or others!) To earn points faster, I search for websites that I would normally just type in the direct address for, like facebook. Downloading the search/tool bar makes it super easy to search!

Anywho - I totally recommend swaggin it. ---> Swagbucks

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