But will it make you happy?

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This is a long but rockin article. Here --> But will it make you happy?

Its about a woman and her husband who choose to downsize their life and live more simply. Today it's what I'm aching for! I get so caught up in all the "stuff". Lately I have felt a serious longing to cut out all the things that clutter up my life. I want what these people have - which - ironically is less! Sometimes I count all of the blessing and opportunities that we have and I wonder if its too much. Is it possible to be too blessed? I worry that we are sacrificing the best things for a whole lot of just good things. I know a couple who's family motto is "Prepare and Simplify" They have cute reminders of it all over their house and I felt like they really live up to it. Although they are monetarily capable of having so much more than they do, they seemed to have everything they need and want. How desirable - to have what you want and want what you have and not always be out looking for more.

Here is a another article that I think goes along with this idea. --> 7 green things our grandparents did

 Some of the suggestions might sound funny with all of the advances in technology and life "upgrades" we have now, but I can't think of anything that sounds more relaxing than hanging clothes out to dry on a line. Standing in the sun, enjoying your chore for once. Or workingin a garden, or playing games with people you love. I guess I just want to slow down. I swear the world is spinning faster then it used to.

Maybe we can start tonight...maybe Matthew wants to play skipbo.....

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