I love saturday mornings...

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Forgive me for posting about our co-op again but I can't help it - I LOVE it! Here is what we picked up Saturday. For $16.50! I just cant get over it...does the fact that I love saving money  and eating health make me a nerd?

1lb strawberries
2 - 6 oz containers of blueberries
10 bananas
7 cucumbers
8 zucchini
8 braeburn apples
6 concord pears
1 bundle of asparagus
1 huge head of cabbage
3 bundles of spinach
a head of dark green lettuce
14 oranges
By the time I got around to taking a picture we had given away half the lettuce head, a bundle of spinach, some zucchini and cucumbers and we are still over loaded with food. I'm so grateful we found this Bountiful Baskets! If you think this would help your family, their website is www.bountifulbaskets.org.

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