Happy times as of late :)

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Scooter rides with Paul and Karen.

Paul looks scared in this picture, but we literally had to peel him off - he had so much fun! I LOVE MY SCOOTER! But, it wont be much use to us now that we are in Spanish Fork, so its up for sale if anyone is interested!  

Cooking Thanksgiving for the fam in our old apartment.


Moving Day! The first few weeks the place was a disaster house. :) but we LOVED it! 


A shot of our new kitchen AND dun-dun-dun our rockin refrigerator! Getting the refrigerator I wanted seriously made me giddy.

(I really will put up more pictures of the house eventually.. its just not much to look at right now.. but when we decorate and paint you'll see the whole thing!)

 Exploring Spanish Fork: Everyone needs to try Two Jacks Pizza and Glade's Drive in! Um!

Hooking up our new washer and dryer!

Going with Karsen to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in preparation for his mission! These two make me SO proud!

Spending the weekend with Dad. This was his first visit to our house! We were able to go to the temple then out for a nice dinner!

What handsome men I've got!

Happy Anniversay! :) Trying our very frozen wedding cake topper!


   Feb 3rd, Karsen went into the MCT! He is now in Portland Oregon serving the Lord!


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