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With Thanksgiving on its way, I wanted to share a few little blessings in my life right now. In the last couple of months I feel like I've done a lot of learning and growing as a person. I don't like it all the time, some days are good, some are not - others are just exhausting. But I've caught myself counting my blessings more often than I ever have and accounting for each one individually.

Things with State Farm are moving along. According to this chart I think we're doing great! 
While I'd like to believe that we're about half way through the tangle and will be seeing sunlight on the other end at any moment, I know we probably haven't even come to the first bend yet.That's totally okay. While I would probably fast forward if I could, this is really good for us.

Matthew being gone so much as actually been good in some ways. We've never really been phone talkers, and now we talk on the phone all the time! I really love it. Would I rather just have him home with me? YES! of course! But because this is the way it has to be right now, I'm soaking in every minute he is on the line and looking forward to every text and call more than I ever did before. 

The days are going by SO FAST. It's forcing me to savor them. I'm becoming more accountable for my days. With so much to do, in so little time I'm beginning to feel the passing of every day and feel its worth. This is something I'm really grateful for.

Audio books and music. Maybe those seem like things that aren't important enough to make the list, but some days they save me. I can't do ANYTHING else if the television is on, but if I can turn on a good book or music I'm all set to go, it lessens the quietness in my house, and because I'm not glued to the television, I get so much done!

Food. I love food. Probably to much. The first day that Matthew is gone,  I usually spend sulking and eating things that do me more harm than good. Then I usually live on cereal and peanut butter toast. This last time he left I told myself buck up and be responsible. So I've been trying to eat better and make more health. Instead of leaving candy out to snack on (because I don't snack, I gorge) I chopped up a head of roman lettuce and made sure that a bowl of it was out on the counter when ever I've been in the kitchen. I also made a batch of  Tomatillo Cilantro ranch (think Cafe Rio) and made sure that there was a little bowl of that out as well. Its turned out great! Instead of a bowl of cereal late at night, I end up eating salad, because it's right there. I've also been trying to take lunch to work at least every other day.It's been nice to have some kind of control and routine again in my life! This weekend I took time to make home made hot pockets and monkey bread - I forgot how relaxing cooking is.

My amazing neighbors. This is waaay above the books and food on my thankful list right now. I have the most amazing neighbors, Shirley, Jared and their little boys make my life so good. Living next door to them as really made me look forward to having our own family some day. I want to cry every time I think of moving away. When we rent out the house, I'm considering charging an extra fee just for having awesome neighbors.

Tithing and primary - Now I am teaching the 10 year olds and they are way too smart and way too big. Apparently I haven't gotten any taller since I was about 10 because many of them are my size.

You're going to make fun of me but I'm adding How I Met Your Mother to the list tonight- I'm not a big television person so I'm adding this sheepishly. But I can't help it I LOVE this show. When I'm feeling pouty or lonely I jump on hulu and watch an episode (or two or three or....) between statistic chapters. Seriously. Hilarious.

 I'm grateful for my statistics class. :: shutters :: Well, technically I HATE my statistics class. But I'm also really grateful for it. I'm about half way through and while it makes me cry on a pretty regular basis, when I DO understand what we're talking I almost enjoy it. I am taking the course through a private tutoring company called Ology and while it's a little more expensive,  there are only 3 people in my class and I am by passing having to take FOUR other math classes by taking this course. NICE!  
Well, the gratitude month is long and I've used up my allowed break from homework. Now I have to get back to identifying "whether or not the statistical procedure is robust in respects to Normality when alpha is equal to 0.53791 and when the z* of the standard deviations of the population in a randomly selected matched pairs sample test is > 600"...

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