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Hello again blog friends!

Today is a pop quiz!

Question: What do all of these places have in common?


Answer: They are waiting for us to arrive!

Yes! We are going on vacation! We have talked and talked and talked about it for such a long time and finally we decided that if we don't go now, we never would. So come tomorrow we will hop on a plane and make our way to Europe. We will visit Rome, Venice, Ljubljana, Vienna, Munich and Prague. I want to give a huge HUGE shout our to our amazing friends Becky and John who will be watching the house and keeping my plants alive. Seriously you are life savers! I also want to give a huge shout out to God. Who has blessed us so incredibly much. He is the true life saver.

We wont have access to download a lot of pictures while we are gone, but if we have time, I will try to post one or two every couple of days. But... I can't promise not to totally forget about everything outside of Europe, my handsome hubby and me! But... I will try. :)


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