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Blogging is a little therapeutic. I write my blog in a word doc before posting, sometimes, when I really have things on my mind I'll spend hours on a thought, sometimes over a couple of days I'll work out my thoughts on virtual paper. Some times I'll move them over to a post, usually not. So my actual posts end up being fairly boring. But sometimes its just enough to post an unfinished though out to this little itty bitty corner of the web. Just so its gotten out of my mind.

As a follow up to my ramblings. I am SO happy. My life is SO blessed and I am truly so so grateful for all of the amazing opportunities that I have had and do have in my life. I am VERY grateful for my job. I have worked long and hard to get it and the benefits and the lessons learned from being where I am are priceless to me. It has been and still is a huge blessing.

I just am not sure what to do next. Some days more than others. I sincerely envy those who know exactly what their "plan" is and exactly what direction it is in which they are moving and when they will march with the right foot and when with the left. I'm not exactly one of those people. But I sure do like the journey of it all. I know where I'm headed in the end. Its just figuring out the between here and there. :) So yes, occasionally you will find me sitting at a booth much like this one. Don't worry. No doubt I will be enjoying myself. Wave as you go and I'll see you along up the road a ways.

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