My hottie honey aka my husband rocks!

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I don't know if anyone has looked outside today, but the last time I caught a glimpse of the outside world - it was pretty dark and gloomy out there. All is pretty quiet in our office and all the offices around and the silence as gotten a little bit eerie. I could definitely use a little pick me up and inspiration to brighten the day.
In thinking about it Matthew seems like the perfect place to start because he inspires me more than almost anything else and makes me so happy! So - here you have it. The first of my Friday "my husband rocks" posts. (yeah, I know its Monday, but if I don't start now I never will.)

My birthday was a little over a month ago (24 blah!) and for my big day Matthew got us tickets to see Keith Urban! The concert wasn't until this Wednesday so it has been something I've been looking forward to. Matthew was such an awesome sport letting me drag him there - I'm pretty sure the female/male ratio was 150/1! I LOVED it! We had a great time and it was so wonderful to be out with my hottie honey. We have been so busy lately between work and school and everything else, that we don't often get a free night to forget about everything and just have fun! This was a PERFECT birthday present! It meant the world to me that he would take time out of his busy schedule just to suffer through listening to my aussie county crush. THANK YOU BABE!

Also, Matthew saves me from stuff. Constantly. Take for example this bird. We returned home one night from a weekend in Roosevelt to find that this bird had flown through our swamp cooler into our house! I unsuspectingly wandered into the living room to put things away and suddenly there was something big and black (okay, medium and brown speckled) flapping and flying madly around our little kitchen! "AAAhhh!" I screamed and down the stairs came Matthew all ready to save his sorry damsel. Now we are bird free - but the sucker would probably still be living in our kitchen if I didn't have Matthew around to save me. I wont even mention the spiders. Okay I will. We get HUGE spiders in our little duplex. I'm not sure what kind the are but they are BIG - like comparative to the bird. and Matthew is extremely diligent at spraying for spiders and checking the house to make sure they aren't turning our pleasant home into a love shack. I have some serious fears of these nasty critters and knowing that Matthew is on duty makes me feel so much better.

All in all, my husband freaking rocks. I love him with all I've got and its gonna stay that way - always.

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