Another newlywed weekend - 2

posted by Tiffany


I've been doing my best to keep Matthew well fed. When I was just cooking for myself, I thought I was pretty good that whipping up delightful dinners, but cooking for two has thrown me for a loop! Especially trying to compete with Matthew for Best Cook - He is amazing! My man has the Midas Touch when it comes to the kitchen - time and time again, he reaches into our refrigerator with one hand and to the stove with the other and magically creates something both beautiful AND delicious, when I was SURE we had nothing to eat. I'll never understand how he does it! But I'm grateful!

Out of fear of ruining dinner, I do very little experimenting while I cook. I mean really, ruining dinner is bad news bears! Not only have you wasted a lot of good food - but you still don't have anything to eat! Siiigh.

This weekend though, I forced myself out on a limb and did some ego-pumping up by creating my own bacon smothered chicken. :) Mmm... halved chicken breasts, stuffed with cheese and bacon, wraped in bacon strips. (precooked, and rubbed with brown sugar and pepper). Then baked them in cream of mushroom soup and served over white rice. YUM! I haven't been that proud of myself in a long time!

All in all - it was an amazing weekend! But how could it not be?.. We're newlyweds!


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