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Matthew is heading to New York this weekend for a business expo with Orange Soda! It will be a great trip for Matthew though. He was a NYNYS missionary (New York, New York South Mission) and I'm sure he will be stoked to trek over his old mission places and see people he knew while there. He will also interview with several companies while he is in the big city - he promises that they are just for his practice and experience, but everything he lays his hands on turns to gold, so I'm a little bit wary.

While I'm so excited for him, I wont lie, I'm going to miss him like crazy! He will be gone for 6 days - the longest time we've been apart since the day we met. And while I don't think of myself as a clingy person - I have to face the facts. I'm madly in love with him and I don't want to see him go. :)

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