One month down, forever to go!

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Ah! Here we are! The Yack's are one month old and kickin! Yesterday we celebrated our one month "anniversary" as a family. I cant believe its already been a month!
We are mostly settled into our little apartment. I use little relatively, its much bigger than we expected to find! We live in a split level four-plex near Barnes and Noble. With two rooms, one and half bath, living room, dinning area and kitchen - it is PERFECT for all the junk I hauled here! Matthew has done an amazing job at getting us all let up! In the last four weeks we have outfitted our home with a a kitchen table, couch, easy chair, computer desk and hutch, book shelf, entertainment center, and finally a washer and dryer! I feel like a queen in my very own hive, Matthew however must feel like a worker bee.
and so we're off! Between work and school we are pretty swamped. But we still find time to play!

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